Business Continuity is a mandatory compliance requirement in many industries and geographies, including KSA & GCC. Globally, the demand for resilience professionals is outpacing supply, creating a 2.5 million job gap by 2027. Learn BCM and get ahead!


Many regulators and customers insist on the presence of a Business Continuity Plan, as evidence of robust corporate governance. Any organization that is not able to support its growth with the strong stable foundation of Business Continuity stands a huge risk of losing its credibility and revenues, and may eventually be forced to shut down forever.




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  • Attend this training provided by Continuity & Resilience (C&R) - Visit our YouTube channel to understand more about us!

  • Pass the exam and get the Certification provided by the UK-based FQA International - CLICK to open FQA website.

    Note - This course is delivered by Continuity and Resilience based on course material designed by FQA UK.

Course Features

  • Complete the course at a relaxed pace - max 60 days.

  • Blended learning (self-study supplemented by Instructor-led) - learn
    at your leisure on weekends and evenings.

  • No need to take leave from office.

  • Learn Business Continuity - improve your career & compensation

  • Hear the pre-recorded lessons, available 24*7.

  • Repeat the lessons as many times as you like.

  • Clear your doubts and get refreshers via Live Instructor refreshers.

  • Attend the 3 live virtual instructor-led sessions

  • Take and pass the FQA exam once you are confident.

  • Be the proud holder of an FQA International Certificate.

Attend the Live Instructor Led Session as below

Batch Duration-60 Days

Choose the COURSE that suits you best

Gain advanced knowledge in BCM with

Choice A) The FQA Certified BCM Professional Course

If you are looking to gain advanced knowledge in Business Continuity - or looking to get the knowledge with which to demonstrate your competence via an advanced BCM certificate - then this the perfect course for you!

Get an overview of BCM with

Choice B) The FQA Certified BCM Foundation Course

If you are a senior professional who does not need to know more - or you are seeking to know what the topic of Business Continuity is all about - or if you want just a BCM refresher/overview with the intention to get BCM certified at a basic level - this is the perfect course for you!

Pricing is inclusive of 13 Takeaways & Benefits, including 9 bonuses

Pricing is inclusive of 10 Takeaways & Benefits, including 6 bonuses


An excellent instructor who has in-depth knowledge… I really feel that I have learnt a lot that can be implemented in my organization.


The session is well designed. Instructor delivery is excellent

Mr. Dhiraj explained us by giving a live examples on most of the scenarios which is really important as it will last long time in our memories. This will be very effective when we are updating the BCP plan/ testing or any scenario on BCP in our organization. Thank you and very happy to be part of this training.

From being theoretical, it became very interesting and real, with live examples given – much much better than expected...


He is the best speaker or trainer i ever met.

Dhiraj has great knowledge in explaining BCM...

Probably one of the top most professionals in the space of BCP worldwide.



Dhiraj Lal has over 20 years BCM experience and 32 years overall. He is Executive Director, Continuity and Resilience (C&R), which is a 4 time winner of Business Continuity Service Provider of the Year honour awarded by the UK-based Business Continuity Institute.

He has worked with Citibank, Standard Chartered, Agilent and American Express (as the BCM Program Sponsor and Head). He has been invited to present at the BCI Annul conference in the UK, DRI US, BCMI Singapore, itSMF UK, DRI Asia in Malaysia, ISACA UAE,, and also various Crisis, BCM and IT Resilience Summits in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, KSA and India.

Dhiraj Lal is Asia’s first BSI appointed Technical Expert for BS25999 / ISO 22301, and is also a BS25999 / ISO 22301 assessor. He teaches the advanced level certification workshops in BCM and BS25999 / ISO 22301, and also consults in implementation of BCM and BS25999 / ISO 22301.

Contributing Author to : The Encyclopedia of Business Continuity, 3rd Edition

Author of: Step by Step guide AE/SCNS/NCEMA 7000:2015. Implement BCM the UAE Way!

4 times









Mohammed Ahmed Ali Jenaibi

Mr. Mohammed Al Jenaibi spearheaded the development and publication of the first BCM Standard in the GCC (AE/HSC NCEMA 7000:2012)

  • Recognized by the US-based DRI as 2013's Best Program Leader for the Public Sector.

  • Advised Abu Dhabi's Executive Council on local government BCM initiatives.

  • Held a strategic advisory role with the Abu Dhabi Police, overseeing extensive operations.

  • Former Chief of the UAE Search and Rescue Centre with Six Sigma and EFQM credentials.

Khalid Bahabri

Khalid Bahabri is a distinguished Business Continuity Management (BCM) professional with over 20 years of experience in creating resilient and profitable business solutions, particularly in the banking and finance sector.,

  • Recognized with DRI International Strategy of the Year (USA) and BCI Asia Most Effective Recovery (Malaysia) awards.

  • Specializes in Crisis Management, Risk Assessment, Contract Development, and Vendor Management.

  • Renowned for delivering impactful presentations at business continuity forums and conferences.

  • Former Vice President at NCB Capital, Jeddah, driving operational excellence. Holds a Master’s degree in Customer Service Management from Nottingham Trent University.

Ramanarayanan S.

Ram is a seasoned professional with 2 decades of experience in BCM, Risk Management,& Crisis Planning.

  • Over 20 years of varied management, industry, consultancy, research and training experience.

  • Holds a rich array of certifications, including CBCI, AMBCI, and ISO 22301 lead implementer & Auditor,

  • Delivered multiple training sessions and conducted various exercises in BC and crisis management.


  • All ISACA professionals, for the reason that ISACA professionals need to ensure CIA - Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. And the Availability aspect requires a strong understanding of Business Continuity. Many ISACA professionals have been able to enhance their careers and compensation by becoming BCM Heads also.

  • All Strategic C-suite Executives, Senior Management Leadership teams and Board members can attend this and benefit. Business Continuity is now a Board-room topic, and in many organizations, the Chief Resilience Officer now sits on the board.

  • Heads of Compliance, Business Development and sales, who will be held accountable for Business Continuity lapses by the Regulator or their customers.

  • Managers from Operations, Risk Management, Communications, Legal and Regulatory, IT and Infosec/Cyber-Security, Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Emergency management, IT Disaster Recovery etc., who are accountable to implement effective Business Continuity and Resilience within their areas of responsibility.

  • Auditors from other domains, who would like to start auditing Business Continuity also.

  • Risk/Governance Professionals who have GRC responsibilities and so need to understand the BCM methodology and key points.

  • Professionals responsible for Compliance. ESG and Sustainability


  • Practicing Professionals: Serious professionals who want to have the advanced knowledge and competencies needed to maintain and improve BCM hands-on. Or those from other domains, who want to be in active BCM roles.

  • Evidence of Deep Theoretical Competence: Ideal for those seeking to demonstrate deep competence in Business Continuity Management through their advanced level FQA Professional Foundation certificate

  • In-depth Theoretical Knowledge: Serious professionals would be able to get a comprehensive understanding of how to maintain and improve an effective Business Continuity Management System.

  • Drive and Ensure BCM: Acquire theoretical knowledge to take ownership of the BCM activities within your organization.

  • Refresher Course: Perfect for practicing professionals who need to get back to basics and refresh the BCM theory, implementation best practices and proven methodologies.

  • Anyone Looking to Build a Career in BCM: Enhance your skill set and expertise so as to be able to build an exciting career as an invaluable BCM Head who would know more than almost anybody else.


  • Senior-Level Professionals: Who do need to understand or support, but do not need to implement BCM hands-on. Or those from other domains, who are not yet in active BCM roles.

  • Evidence of High Level Theoretical Competence: Ideal for those seeking to demonstrate a high-level understanding in Business Continuity Management via their FQA Foundation certification

  • High Level Theoretical Overview: Get a high-level understanding of BCM, including the methodology, lifecycle, steps involved and the key success factors that help ensure an effective BCM implementation.

  • Understand and Support BCM: Acquire theoretical knowledge to support the BCM activities within your organization.

  • Refresher Course: Perfect for senior professionals who need a quick refresher on BCM concepts and terminologies.

  • Anyone Curious About BCM: Individuals interested in understanding the basics of Business Continuity Management, as an additional skill, or to explore whether or not they would like to take up BCM as a career


A) Professional Course

Pre-Requisites - 1 year BCM or related experience (suggested).

Course Delivery - 22 hours content. Blended Mode (self-study video-based, with live Instructor-led Q&A/refresher sessions).

1 - Go though the BCM Awareness course videos (Level 1 - 1 hour content) BONUS FOR ISACA ATTENDEES.

2 - Go though the Professional course videos (Level 3 - 8hours content). Ask your questions via email/WhatsApp.

3 - Attend the live Instructor-led BCM Introduction session #1 (2 hours duration). Ask any further questions.

4 - Attend the live Instructor-led BCM refresher/Q&A session #2 (2 hours duration). Ask any further questions

5 - Attend the live Instructor-led BCM refresher/Q&A session #3 (2 hours duration). Ask any further questions - BONUS FOR ISACA ATTENDEES

6 -Attend the 1 day Instructor-Led BCMS lifecycle theory recap (via 120 revision questions) - 6 hours content. BONUS FOR ISACA ATTENDEES

7 - Attend and pass the FQA BCM Professional Certification Exam - 2 hours

8- Continual Improvement - Free 12-stage BCM Implementation Planner BONUS FOR ISACA ATTENDEES

9 - Free access to Dhiraj Lal's BCM e-Book- BONUS FOR ISACA ATTENDEES

10 - Free BCM Maturity Assessment Checklist- BONUS FOR ISACA ATTENDEES

11 -Free BCM Documentation walkthrough session - 4 to 6 hours content. BONUS FOR ISACA ATTENDEES

12 -An editable Business Continuity Risk Assessment Template.-BONUS FOR ISACA ATTENDEES

13 -Access to Real-Life BCP Documents (BC Policy, BIA Result, RA Result, BC Plan) as samples for your continual improvement references, inspiration and guidance -BONUS FOR ISACA ATTENDEES

B) Foundation Course

Pre-Requisites - No minimum experience required

Course Delivery - 8 hours content. Blended Mode (self-study video-based, with live Instructor-led Q&A/refresher sessions).

1 - Go through the BCM Awareness course videos (Level 1 - 1 hour content) BONUS FOR ISACA ATTENDEES.

2 - Go though the Foundation course videos (Level 2 - 4 hours content). Ask your questions via email/WhatsApp.

3 - Attend the live Instructor-led BCM Introduction session #1 (2 hours duration). Ask any further questions.

4 - Attend the live Instructor-led BCM refresher/Q&A session #2 (2 hours duration). Ask any further questions

5 - Attend the live Instructor-led BCM refresher/Q&A session #3 (2 hours duration). Ask any further questions - BONUS FOR ISACA ATTENDEES

6 - Attend and pass the FQA BCM Foundation Certification Exam - 1 hour

7 - Continual Improvement - Free 12-stage BCM Implementation Planner BONUS FOR ISACA ATTENDEES

8 - Free access to Dhiraj Lal's BCM e-Book - BONUS FOR ISACA ATTENDEES

9 - Free BCM Maturity Assessment Checklist - BONUS FOR ISACA ATTENDEES


All Pricing mentioned in USD.

Special Offer Valid only till Jan 15, 2024.

Register and pay by Nov 30 to avail the offer.


Continuity & Resilience (C&R) is a ISO 22301 ISO 27001 Certified Management Consulting Firm providing quality services in the niche area of Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Resilience. C&R help organizations to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disruptions and disasters.. C&R has been in the business for over 18 years, and have served more than 590 companies in over 20 countries across industries., delivering excellence and value to their clients.

C&R Consult / Train / Assess and Certify in the of domains Business Continuity Management, Crisis Management, IT Disaster Recovery, Risk Management, Information Security and Cyber Security • C&R also provide advisory services in Automation tools – BCM/ ITDR/ Mass Communication, Workplace recovery and E-Learning.

18+ Year Track Record: Trust our extensive experience in the field.

7000+ Professionals Trained: Join a network of skilled individuals.

100+ Successful Implementations/Assessments/Audits: Benefit from our proven track record


ISO 22301 Certified: Assuring the highest standards in BCM.

ISO 27001 Certified: Ensuring information security excellence.

Multiple Accolades: Won multiple awards for our services, including the BCI Hall of Fame Award, the BCI Service Provider of the Year Award for the Middle East and India (multiple times).


Certification is evidence of competence. FQA is a global leader in competency building and professional certification. We help businesses and institutions around the world to improve their performance, credibility and reputation.

FQA is committed to helping people reach their full potential. We offer workshops and programs that teach people the skills and tools that they need to do their jobs better. And our professional certifications provide authentic evidence of those competencies. We are recognized as a leading knowledge organization, serves as a unifying platform for experts in Quality, IT, and Human Capital, dedicated to elevating the performance and market credibility of businesses and institutions worldwide.

Through meticulously crafted workshops and programs, FQA strives to nurture a culture of strategic thinking and effective execution, empowering participants to internalize and apply the acquired skills to effectively drive their respective organizations towards the realization of their overarching vision, mission, and goals. Firm in its conviction that human potential, regardless of geographical location, can reach unprecedented pinnacles of excellence, FQA remains committed to equipping individuals with the necessary tools and motivation to create a more promising and impactful tomorrow.


Customer Rating


Courses Offered


Student Support via email

Up-to-date & comprehensive

Course Material


BCM Fundamentals
& the Middle East Context

The building blocks of BCM.

Develop a BCM mind-set.

Understanding cultural and regional nuances.

Navigating ISO Standards & Regulatory Compliance

ISO 22301: What it is and why it matters.

ISO 22361 & ISO 31000: Complementary Standards.

SAMA and DGA Guidelines

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Identification of Critical Business Functions

Impact Analysis

Dependencies and Interdependencies

Risk Assessment

Risk identification and prioritization.

Real-world case studies

Building your Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Key elements of a robust BCP.

Pitfalls and how to avoid them

Continual improvement & Role of Automation

Automating Resilience Processes

Tools, technologies, and when to use them

Exercising & Testing


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“BCM directly helps enhance revenues, profits and market share, and also supports growth, stability, reputation and compliance.”

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